What Are the Features of a Basketball Court?

basketball court

A basketball court is a place where basketball is played. It is divided into two sections: the frontcourt and the backcourt. The frontcourt is where the offensive team attempts to score, while the backcourt is where the defensive team defends the basket. In the NBA and NCAA, the court is 94′ long by 50′ wide.

The three-point line is one of the most recognizable basketball court features. It defines if the ball is worth two or three points. After a foul is called, it acts as a starting point for inbounds passes.

Other basketball court features include lane lines and the key. The lane lines run from the free throw line to the baseline. Lines are either straight or curving. There are four corners of the court that are ideal places for three-point shots.

The three-point arc is another popular shooting area. The arc extends around the basket in a semicircle. However, the arc cannot be perfect. If the shooter does not have both feet behind the arc, he is out of bounds.

Another favorite area is the short corner. This strategic offensive area is along the baseline halfway between the sideline and the lane line.

When a player steps on or over the sidelines, play is stopped. They are also called the boundary lines. Depending on the size of the gym, a basketball court may be 94 feet long.

The key is a common design found on most basketball courts. It has a six-foot radius from the foul line and is about 12 feet wide.